Geotechnical Engineering Centre

Key publications from the last five years

(2018) Synthetic low-strength materials as rock substitutes for physical model studies. Hamidi, Farzin; Scheuermann, Alexander; Galindo-Torres, Sergio Andres; Pedroso, Dorival; Li, Ling
(2018) Investigation the effect of cyclic loading on fracture propagation in rocks by using Computed Tomography (CT) techniques. Ghamgosar, Morteza; Stewart, Penny; Erarslan, Nazife
(2018) Use of back-analysis to confirm soil parameters. Williams, D. J.; Tanaka, Y.
(2018) Stochastic finite element analysis of coal mine spoil pile stability. Williams, D. J.; Zou, J. Z.
(2018) Numerical analysis of self-weight consolidation of coal mine tailings slurry in a large settling column. Williams, D. J.; Li, H. Y.
(2018) Two-dimensional finite element analysis of a trial embankment on coal mine tailings. Williams, D. J.; Morris, P. H.; Carter, J. P.
(2018) Estimating Pavement's Flood Resilience. Khan, Misbah U.; Mesbah, Mahmoud; Ferreira, Luis; Williams, David J.
(2018) Hencky bar-net model for buckling analysis of plates under non-uniform stress distribution. Zhang, Y. P.; Wang, C. M.; Pedroso, D. M.
(2018) Laboratory investigation of flow paths in 3D self-Affine fractures with lattice boltzmann simulations. Li, Jiawei; Cherubini, Claudia; Torres, Sergio Andres Galindo; Li, Zi; Pastore, Nicola; Li, Ling
(2018) A large coaxial reflection cell for broadband dielectric characterization of coarse-grained materials. Bore, Thierry; Bhuyan, Habibullah; Bittner, Tilman; Murgan, Vignesh; Wagner, Norman; Scheuermann, Alexander