Geotechnical Engineering Centre

Key publications from the last five years

(2013) A new simple model for the determination of the pore constriction size distribution. To, Huu Duc; Scheuermann, Alexander; Williams, David J.
(2013) Investigating the effect of fatigue on fracturing resistance of rocks. Erarslan, Nazife; Williams, David
(2013) Dielectric analysis of macroporous anion-exchange resin beads suspensions. Chen, Zhen; Zhao, Kongshuang
(2013) An investigation on the high-frequency dielectric dispersion of concentrated ion-exchange resin beads suspensions. Zhao, Kong-Shuang; Chen, Zhen
(2013) Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of macroporous IER beads suspensions dispersed in primary alcohols and water-ethanol mixtures. Chen, Zhen; Zhao, Kongshuang
(2013) Dielectric relaxation behavior of colloidal suspensions of palladium nanoparticle chains dispersed in PVP/EG solution. Chen, Zhen; Zhao, Kongshuang; Guo, Lin; Feng, Caihong
(2013) Liquid crystalline phase in ethanol suspension of anisometric 4-cyano-4-n-hexylbiphenyl microcrystals: witnessed by dielectric spectroscopy. Chen, Zhen; Nozaki, Ryusuke
(2013) Real-time monitor on the release of salicylic acid from chitosan gel beads by means of dielectric spectroscopy. Chen, Zhen; Ni, Ni; Zhao, Kongshuang
(2013) Does transparent nematic phase exist in 5CB∕DDAB∕water microemulsions? From the viewpoint of temperature dependent dielectric spectroscopy. Chen, Zhen; Nozaki, Ryusuke
(2013) Dielectric spectroscopy investigation on the interaction of poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) with sodium decyl sulfate in aqueous solution. Chen, Zhen; Li, Xinwei; Zhao, Kongshuang; Xiao, Jinxin; Yang, Likun