Geotechnical Engineering Centre

Key publications from the last five years

(2017) Development of optimum pavement maintenance strategies for a road network. Khan, Misbah U.; Mesbah, Mahmoud; Ferreira, Luis; Williams, David J.
(2017) Hydrologic and Geochemical Characterization of Two Full-Scale Waste Rock Piles a Joint University/Industry Research Program Sponsored by INAP. Tran, Ai Binh; Fines, Pamela; Miller, Stuart; Williams, David; Wilson, Ward
(2017) A revision of Blight's model of field vane testing. Morris, Peter Henri; Williams, David John
(2017) A numerical study of steady state evaporative conditions applied to mine tailings. Rassam, Daud W.; Williams, David J.
(2017) Crack depths in drying clays using fracture mechanics. Morris, Peter H.; Graham, James; Williams, David J.
(2017) Cracking in drying soils. Morris, P. H.; Graham, J.; Williams, D. J.
(2017) FDM solutions to linear dynamics of porous media: Efficiency, stability, and parallel solution strategy. Zhang, Yunpeng; Pedroso, Dorival M.; Li, Ling; Ehlers, Wolfgang
(2017) Dynamic Effect in Capillary Pressure – Saturation Relationship Using Lattice Boltzmann Simulation. Yan, Guanxi; Li, Zi; Bore, Thierry; Galindo-Torres, Sergio; Scheuermann, Alexander; Li, Ling
(2017) Assessment of flood risk to performance of highway pavements. Khan, Misbah U.; Mesbah, Mahmoud; Ferreira, Luis; Williams, David J.
(2017) In-situ coal seam and overburden permeability characterization combining downhole flow meter and temperature logs. Busse, Julia; Scheuermann, Alexander; Bringemeier, Detlef; Hossack, Alex; Li, Ling