Geotechnical Engineering Centre

Academic Staff

Affiliated Academic Staff

  • Professor Ling Li

    Professor of Environmental Engineering
    +61 7 3365 3911
    Expertise: Mathematical modelling of complex environmental systems, with a current focus on the ocean-land interface, and modelling flow through porous media
  • Professor Peter Knights

    BMA Chair and Professor and Head of Division of Mining Engineering
    +61 7 3346 3915
    Expertise: Mine maintenance management, mine operations and process control, mining simulation, mining equipment automation
  • Dr Christopher Leonardi

    Lecturer in Mining Engineering
    +61 7 3365 3761
    Expertise: Multi-phase flows, computational modelling of fluid-structure interaction, and high performance parallel computing using shared memory multi-cores
  • Dr Zhongwei Chen

    Associate Lecturer in Mining Engineering
    +61 7 3365 3742
    Expertise: Computational geomechanics; coal mine strata control; unconventional gas recovery and carbon sequestration; coal seam, shale and other tight gas reser
  • Professor Gideon Chitombo

    Professor and Chair of Minerals Industry Engagement, The WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre
    +61 7 3346 4029
    Expertise: Mass Mining methods, which are likely to include large cave mines, ultra-deep pits and in-place mineral recovery
  • Professor Hans Muhlhaus

    Professor Hans Muhlhaus
    Emeritus Professor in Computational Mechanics
    Expertise: Computational mechanics
  • Professor Joan Esterle

    Vale-UQ Chair in Coal Geosciences
    +61 7 3365 2373
    Expertise: Impacts of geological history on coal behaviour during gas extraction, mining, processing and utilisation

Postdoctoral Staff

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    +61 7 3365 3520
    Expertise: Analytical and numerical methods in Geomechanics, rock mechanics testing, fracture mechanics, rock breakage, and computational modelling.
  • Thierry Bore

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    +61 7 3365 8395
    Expertise: Electromagnetic measurement methods for civil engineering in combination with dielectric spectroscopy
  • Dr Chenming Zhang

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow
    +61 7 3346 7821
    Expertise: Development and application of geotechnical and geoenvironmental monitoring sensors and logging, and numerical simulation of responses.

Laboratory Staff

Adjunct Staff

  • Dr Sergio Galindo-Torres

    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Expertise: Numerical modelling mainly based on discrete approaches for problems in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, fluid dynamics and electrodynamics
  • Dan Payne, BMA Brisbane

    Dan Payne, BMA Brisbane
    Adjunct Professor
    Expertise: Underground coal mine geomechanics; open cut and underground coal mine geotechnical management
  • Dr Detlef Bringemeier, Golder Brisbane

    Dr Detlef Bringemeier, Golder Brisbane
    Adjunct Professor
    Expertise: Fractured rock hydromechanics – testing and modelling, groundwater control in open cut and underground mining
  • Dr Martin Larisch

    Dr Martin Larisch
    Adjunct Associate Professor
    Expertise: Piling, retaining walls, ground improvement, forensic engineering, drilling fluids, concrete for deep foundations, geotechnical risk management
  • Dr Nazife Erarslan, Adana Science and Technology University, Turkey

    Dr Nazife Erarslan, Adana Science and Technology University, Turkey
    Adjunct Senior Lecturer
    Expertise: Rock mechanics and rock fracture mechanics, mechanics of granular materials such as pavement and filling materials
  • Harry Asche, Aurecon, Brisbane Office
    Adjunct Professor
    Off Campus
    Expertise: Tunnelling and Heavy Civil Engineering
  • Marcelo A. Llano-Serna

    Adjunct Lecturer
    +61 416 781 160
    Expertise: Large strain modelling, focused on large-scale run-out from tailings dams and open pits failures.

Research Students

  • Mohammad Aminpour

    Mohammad Aminpour
    Principal Advisor: Dr Sergio Galindo Torres
    Topic: Towards the understanding of contact erosion in well graded soils
  • Umair Asghar
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: Mechanics of unsaturated soils for rammed earth walls
  • Somayeh Behraftar

    Somayeh Behraftar
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: Micro-mechanical aspects of fracture propagation in multi-phase complex systems
  • Habibullah Bhuyan

    Habibullah Bhuyan
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: Performance measurements of unbound granular pavements using time domain reflectometry
  • David Edwards

    David Edwards
    Principal Advisor: Prof David Williams
    Topic: Shear strength characteristics of rehandle material at Ramp 5 spoil dump, Meandu Mine, Tarong, Queensland, Australia
  • Maziar Gholami Korzani

    Maziar Gholami Korzani
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics for investigating flow of suspended granular particles
  • Farzin Hamidi

    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: 3D hydraulic fracture modelling
  • HMD Harshani

    HMD Harshani
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: Micro-scale study of erosion process in granular materials
  • Scott Lines

    Scott Lines
    Principal Advisor: Prof David Williams
    Topic: Investigation of long-term effects of ground temperature imbalance from the use of geothermal foundations and examination of possible alternatives to offset any negative effects
  • Ian van Wijk
    Principal Advisor: Prof David Williams
    Topic: Sustainable pavement design and management of unsealed and low volume sealed roads
  • Guanxi Yan

    Guanxi Yan
    Principal Advisor: Dr Alexander Scheuermann
    Topic: A study of dynamic capillary effect in unsaturated porous media
  • no photo available

    Topic: Investigating spalling behaviour in Hawkesbury sandstone tunnels
  • no photo available

    Songtao Li
    Topic: Energy Evolution of Overlying Strata and Its Impact on The Occurrence of Coal Burst
  • no photo available

    Topic: Evaluation of Shotcrete Shrinkage Behaviour in Underground Environment
  • no photo available

    Topic: The value of geotechnical information as a public or private asset in Queensland, Australia
  • no photo available

    Topic: Water ingress in rock tunnels its control and mitigation Co-work with the University of Peradeniya